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Anna Eskamani Florida District 47 Campaign


Client: Anna Eskamani and Tech for Campaigns

Goal: Initial goals were to drive awareness and followers on Instagram and Facebook through a mix of static and video ads. In October, the goal was shifted to persuasion, targeting specific non-performing audiences. The last days of the campaign were all dedicated to ensuring people had the right information to get out and vote on election day.

Solution: Create and managed paid marketing ads to grow the candidate's following on Facebook and Instagram, targeting demographics identified by the Social Media Audit. This team tested images and messaging in order to optimize performance and promoted events and volunteer opportunities. The campaign served more than 1.8 million impressions in a district of 158,274 people and each reached resident saw Anna's ads an average of 5 times. Digital ads played a significant role in increasing awareness across the district. Eskamani successfully flipped her seat, beating her opponent by 11,785 votes. She is the first Iranian-American in the Florida House of Representatives.